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On the following pages, you will set up and pay for a monthly or annual subscription of your very own Personalized Website. This will serve as an online prestige brochure! Please provide only the information requested in the template. All websites must be approved by The MyAGLA Team prior to publication.

Use your Personalized Website for your marketing efforts!
  • Market your personalized website address to clients
  • Print your personalized website address on print ads/business cards
  • Link to your Personalized Website from your Facebook page, your LinkedIn account, or your Twitter Page

  • As you set up your Personalized Website, please keep in mind the basics of AGLA's Online Code of Conduct:
  • You are personally responsible for the content published on your website
  • AGLA's standard rules regarding advertising still apply
  • Do not include AGLA's or any customers' confidential information on your website
  • Don't cite or reference customers, partners or suppliers

  • Upon termination of employment and/or appointment, The MyAGLA Team will remove your web site immediately.
    The vendor will not be obligated to refund any prior payment.

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